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“My dress was literally the first I tried on!”
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Jonathan first laid eyes on Catherine whilst she was unsuspectingly out, celebrating with friends. Fast forward to 18th June 2018, her father is walking her up the aisle to say yes to her best friend. This post delves into the making of Mrs Catherine McCracken, with her newly-experienced journey and insight into all things ‘wedding’.

My dress was literally the first I tried on! It had my whole bridal party in tears, filled with emotion. However, I was determined not to settle for the first dress I saw, and so I set off to other bridal shops, trying on over 10 more. No other dress gave me that same feeling as the first, so I knew it had to be my dress. Looking in the mirror, I felt like a proper bride and it made me so happy.

… I was walking up the aisle, seeing my husband to be for the first time. I thought I was going to burst into tears, I was just so happy and felt really emotional.



Lough Erne

All in a day, you’ve gone from Miss to Mrs. Was the whole day a dreamy blur or can you remember every part vividly?

I can remember practically everything, but it all went so fast! We both felt that we didn’t get enough time to sit down and take it all in.

What was a particularly memorable moment of the day? (Apart from getting married of course!)

The first dance! It was so awkward, and we both could not stop laughing at each other. My husband and I were both tripping over my dress constantly, and we felt like it was never going to end..

What was the best (or worst!) bit of wedding planning advice you received?

We were told to make sure that on the day we tried to get time together alone, to just sit and chat about how things are going and what we have enjoyed. We tried to follow this… we decided to try and sneak off without anybody noticing but when we got to the door of the hotel room the key wouldn’t work and we couldn’t get in!!! My husband had to contact reception to get someone to come up and let us in, but in the middle of this all, his uncle appeared from the room opposite and began chatting, so by the time we got into the room we had to go back to the guests!


Did you receive any pieces of advice in regard to married life that you’d like to pass on?

To always find some time in the day to say “I love you.”

our vendors


Tied around my bouquet I had a small picture frame of my late great-grandfather, who passed away last year. It was really important for me to have him by my side on my wedding day as we were very close.

Florist : Ditsy Floral Design


Jonathan’s brother and his fiancé make candles, called Serenity Candles NI so they made small candles, which were gorgeous.


Ted Baker from Savoy Taylor’s Guild, The Boulevard in Banbridge


BRIDE Ernest Jones 

MAIDS Argento.

Chris was fantastic. Never once did we felt under pressure or awkward. He put us totally at ease. Plus, we had an engagement shoot before the wedding, which was amazing to help us all get to know each other and feel more comfortable.

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