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There are two things that will date a photo: hairstyles and fashion. If you’re bald, there you go – timeless! Other than that, I’m going to steer clear from hairstyle advice and leave you to your own devices. In regard to fashion, I do recommend sticking to classic clothing choices.





Trending sayings (YOLO)


Sun reactive glasses

Double denim (unless you’re sure)

White socks



Itchy clothing

More make-up than you usually wear 



OH… PS Handbags and other inessentials can be left in your car. Be sure to empty your pockets of phones, wallets, keys etc. to avoid bulging pockets, incase I forget to remind you on the day!


Family photoshoots are always fun, don’t be afraid to bring Teddy along too. Whether you want the focus to be more on your child/children or of the whole family together, have a think! Otherwise, I will take a variety of group family photos, parent and child portraits and individual photos of the child/children. I aim for a mix of directed as well as unposed images.  Please let me know what you would really love to bring home.

Prepping for your family shoot:

I am here to capture natural images of your little ones! Be sure to leave plenty of time to get ready, so you’re not in a rush and can all arrive relaxed and ready for a special family time together. Feel free to bring some snacks along, but try to not eat them during the shoot. We want the kids to have clean faces and big smiles with clean teeth, (Not like my own son who raided my oreo cookie supply mid-shoot and I didn’t realise he had black teeth until we were done!)
Why not make a day of it? Stop for ice-cream or a play park on the way home. 

It’s always a good idea if you allow kids of all ages to select one of their own outfits or some props to bring; it usually solves a problem, no matter if they are 2 or 20. From polka dot leggings to Elsa & Anna costumes, we’ll have a bit of fun if there’s time at the end of the session.

Outdoors shoot:

Darks, whites and muted colours. Discuss whether you want to dress casual or dressy-casual. If the weather’s holding up, seize the day and wear your favourite floaty dress and Bermuda shorts. If it’s winter, get your layers on – we will try and shoot with a variety, but thick coats can make you look bigger so be prepared to do some minus the outer layers!

If you’re gutted to be leaving behind your furry friends, let me know and we can plan to include them too.


Whether you’re engaged, already married or dating, there’s nothing more sentimental than a bundle of intimate, hygge photographs for your home, relatives or social media. You pick the location, and I’ll capture the emotion. If you’re struggling to think of where to go, I have a few favourite spots that I know best. We’ll go for a walk, have a chat and take a few pictures. I’ll make it really easy and fun for you both! Just be yourself & you’ll soon get into the flow. Check out my Instagram and Facebook galleries for peace of mind.

If we’re not stuck in a rare heatwave, make sure to bring layers – it’s Ireland after all. Chattering teeth isn’t a good look.

Guys, it’s hard to beat jeans and a plain shirt.

Ladies, bring all the essentials. If you’d like to wear heels, bring them along but be aware that walking over uneven terrain may be required. Feel free to bring a hairbrush along, or lipstick and I can carry them & keys for you during the shoot. If it’s windy have an option to tie hair back, maybe a cute hat.

 For engaged couples, some of my more organised clients have used their photoshoot as an excuse to get their nails done, and booked their hair and makeup trials earlier in the day. Feel free to follow their lead and leave the rest up to me.

“Fantastic photographer! So professional and patient with the kids. The photos are stunning! Would highly recommend.”

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