Don’t toil over favours that will end up being left behind.

Favours are a lovely touch for your guests’ tables, but unless edible they are often found scattered over the room by the end of the night. Here are a few alternative options that will have guests putting them in their pockets, without burning a hole in yours (or the environment). 


Broaden your post-meal tea & coffee selection by leaving each of your guests with a herbal tea. Brands such as Pukka Teas already have each teabag individually wrapped so it’s only a matter of scattering them across your tables.

As well as being bio-degradable with a carbon-neutral footprint, Pukka Teas are made with 100% organically sourced herbs and are partnered with Fair For Life, meaning each person involved in growing, picking, packing ect. are receiving fair wages and decent working conditions.

2. HOT (or not) CHOCOLATE

Chocolate favours are the ultimate crowd pleasers, but with endless options of what to go for, here are two brands that I recommend.

Refuge Hot Chocolate is just about the thickest and creamiest I have tasted (you can simply eat it off the spoon as it is).  And what’s more, they are entirely traffick-free, meaning your money will never reach the hands of those exploiting other human beings. Working alongside local charity, Flourish NI, each jar supports a movement of people and communities across Northern Ireland committed to stopping human trafficking, and supporting those who have been affected. 

NearyNógs is a family business, fashioning ethically sourced, organic cacao beans into a range of chocolatey delights. Choco bars, fudge, hot chocolate, cacao tea, cacao nibs, truffles and almond nut butter cups. These chocolates will cater to all of your guests, with options of gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free with no refined sugars. It would be rude not to…


Jam is always a cupboard (or fridge? Debatable…) staple. Why not give your guests a thought-filled, homemade pot that will make them smile the next morning. I’ve attached the simplest recipe in the world below, so don’t write yourself off if you aren’t confident in the kitchen. Make sure to buy your ingredients from local farms via your nearest greengrocers.



4. Plants, SEEDS & BULBS

Leave each guest a packet of seeds that they can take home and grow for themselves – herbs are a great idea as once they are grown they come in handy for garnishing meals.

Why not double up your favours with table names, printing off personalised brown paper sachets to hold the seeds? If you fear there are not many green thumbs on your guest-list, you could also pot each guest a bulb so all they need to do is ‘just add water’.


More and more brides are ditching favours, and there’s no harm done. It is just a tradition, and after providing your guests with complimentary drinks, a meal, and live entertainment you have proved your great hostess skills! If you’re still keen to do something with the money you allocated to your favours, why not donate to a charity of your choice. Skip those little charity logo badges that end up in the bin, but do let your guests know during your speeches!


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